A dramatisation of the story surrounding the death by hanging of the Quaker Mary Dyer in 1660

Mary Dyer, The Play - She Died Twice

Author's comments:

The Play (70 A4 pages) was written in the early 1990’s and has been lightly edited in this 2003 version. I refer you to the explanation on Intent of Dialogue Style (bottom of Page 1).

Enjoy your read – Mary Dyer’s place in history is a fascinating tale ! If you download, I’d be glad to be told, via email.

A Scenario of 60 scenes, for a Film of the play, is also available, via email: please apply giving full reasons for interest.

Thank you.

Brian Jarvis (brian@she-died-twice.co.uk )

The play itself is in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format and is copied from the original script.

Please be warned however this is a large file (200k) and will therefore take some time to download.
Mary Dyer, The Play - She Died Twice

Downloading and use of this Play is free, there is no Author's Fee - unless you are determined to turn it into a Musical, in which case, the Fee is beyond your resources. It is free, particularly to Schools, Drama Groups, Community Groups. Dialogue can be changed, the play can be shortened - as long as there is serious performance intent. I do not believe anything you do can harm the marvellous story of Mary Dyer - Quaker martyr.

Brian Jarvis, 2004

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Mary Dyer, The Play - She Died Twice