A dramatisation of the story surrounding the death by hanging of the Quaker Mary Dyer in 1660

Mary Dyer's Letter

Extract from Mary Dyer’s letter to the General Court, October 1659

“Whereas it said by many of you that I am guilty
of mine own death in my coming to you voluntarily
to Boston: I therefore declare unto every one of
you that hath ears to hear... that I am therein clear
and justified by the Lord in whose Will I came and
to whom I commit my soul and body ... It is not
mine own life I seek for, I choose rather to suffer
with the people of God than to enjoy the
pleasures of Egypt, but the Life of the seed, which
I know that the Lord hath blessed... Therefore in
love and compassion, I beseech you to repeal all such
Laws so that you let these innocent servants of God
have free passage among you..... For do you think
you can restrain those whom you call the children
of darkness, ‘cursed Quakers’ from coming among
you, by anything you can do to them! God hath a
Seed here among you for whom we have suffered
and yet suffer, and the Lord of the harvest will send
more labourers to gather this seed. ... I have no
self-ends, the Lord knoweth, for if my life were
freely granted by you, it would not avail me, so long
as I should daily hear or see the sufferings of these
people, my dear brethren and sisters, with whom
my life is bound up, as I have done these two years.
In love and in the spirit of meekness I again beseech
you, for I have no emnity to the persons of any, but
you shall know that God will not be mocked and what
you sow that shall you reap from him... O harken, for
the Seed’s sake, which is One in all... I appeal to the
faithful and true witness of God, which is One in all
consciences, before whom we must all appear ”

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