A dramatisation of the story surrounding the death by hanging of the Quaker Mary Dyer in 1660


This ‘fact-ional’ three-Act Play “She Died Twice” presents you with glimpses and deeper insights into:

  • the background to Mary Dyer’s life and eventual death in Boston, Massachusetts
  • the Puritan leadership’s defence of its search for the perfect moral and religious society in the Colony
  • the leadership’s persecution of alleged sedition and unlawful disruption by the ‘invading’ Quakers
  • the Quaker striving for religious freedom over conscience and worship throughout the Colony
  • the Puritan’s counter-claim that Quakers dissenters had freedom - to stay out of the Colony
  • and the impact of non-violent resistance in eventually modifying cruel and allegedly unjustified oppression

Prior to the Play, you might like to explore other background and viewpoints offered:

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