A dramatisation of the story surrounding the death by hanging of the Quaker Mary Dyer in 1660

The Characters

The Massachusetts Bay Colony - Boston, Massachusetts - 1659-61

The three Acts of this play take place in the town prison (House of Correction), and in the Governor’s House

JAILOR ADAMS Jailor’s second
MARY DYER   Quaker
TOM WINSTON   Captain of Militia
WILL DYER   Mary’s son
WILLIAM DYER   Mary’s husband
JOHN ENDECOTT   Governor - The Bay Colony
REV JOHN NORTON   Teacher - Boston First Church
JOHN WINTHROP   The Younger -  Governor Connecticut Colony
ANNE HUTCHINSON   Puritan dissenter
SAMUEL SHATTUCK   Quaker and Royal Messenger

Crowd/voices, Militia, Drums, Whistles

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